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Randomized controlled trial of arthroscopic debridement for chondral lesions in the knee

Normal wear-and-tear on the knee can cause tissue, or cartilage, in the knee to soften over time. This is often found during knee surgery for other conditions. Typically, surgeons will remove any worn out cartilage that is found. However, it is not known if treating the worn out cartilage is better than leaving the tissue untreated, so it is necessary to compare the two. Patients who are found to have worn out cartilage during arthroscopy, will be randomly assigned to either receive treatment or non-treatment (observation) of their worn out cartilage. Patients without worn out cartilage will also be included in this study and observed postoperatively.

The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to determine the effectiveness of treating cartilage lesions during knee arthroscopy.


Patients over 30 years-old with a meniscal tear who are scheduled to undergo a meniscectomy.


Leslie J. Bisson, MD (PI), Geoffrey Bernas, MD, Marc Fineberg, MD, John Marzo, MD, Michael Rauh, MD, Robert Smolinski, MD, William Wind, MD

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