Clinical Trials

Treating Pre-School Children at Risk for Overweight in the Primary care Setting

It is a program involving overweight children and one overweight parent. The program is designed to promote healthy lifestyle changes which will foster increased activity, healthier food choices, decreased energy intake and behavioral changes.


Children age 2-5 years with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over the 85%tile and one parent with a BMI > 27kg/m2.


2 year study. Parents and Children attend weekly, biweekly and monthly sessions over a 6 month period. Sessions will then occur every 8-10 weeks and then quarterly into year 2 of the study. The sessions will occur at there Pediatricians office.


Parents will be reimbursed for following the set protocol.


Dr Teresa Quattrin, Dr James Roemmich, Dr Leonard Epstein, Dr Jihnhee Yu

Contact Information

Name: Michelle Ecker
Phone: 716-878-7609