Symptoms of cervical myelopathy may appear in different ways. Some may feel pain in the neck, others have pain or numbness elsewhere in the body at/below the compressed area of the spinal cord, or some may experience both.
Urologists play an integral role in health care, providing complete urological care for men and women, as well as reproductive care for men. In addition, urologists also diagnose and treat 25 percent of all cancer cases.
Diagnosing and treating craniofacial abnormalities can be a challenging time for parents. Renée Reynolds, MD discusses this group of disorders and what leads to successful treatment outcomes.
Staying warm and safe in the winter season is paramount for every one, but especially for children. Dennis Kuo, MD, MHS has winter safety tips to keep the family safe. 
Menopause is a natural transition. While it may not be the same for everyone, Vanessa Barnabei, MD, PhD provides an overview of the timing in which menopause may begin, as well as some of the signs.
A variety of factors can cause spinal deformities at all ages. And surgery isn't necessarily required for treatment.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is made up of several different diseases that cause damage to the lungs, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Sanjay Sethi, MD discusses signs, symptoms and treatment.
Knee and hip problems can be a natural part of aging. There are several options to ease pain and discomfort, ranging from non-invasive treatments to surgical interventions. 
There are two types of diabetes that affect children: Type 1 and Type 2. Watching for signs and symptoms is important for early detection and intervention. 
Participating in high-intensity activities with asthma is possible. Aasha Harish, MD provides tips to ease symptoms.