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UBMD Physicians' Group

Infectious Diseases

Our Division consists of four pediatric infectious disease specialists: Oscar Gómez, MD, PhD; Howard Faden, MD; Mark Hicar, MD, PhD; and Shamim Islam, MD, DTM&H. All specialists are available to help manage the complete spectrum of infectious diseases common to children. We teach graduate and medical students and perform 300 to 400 inpatients and outpatient consultations annually.

Patient Care

We see patients for the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Our Division works with Home Care Services to manage patients on home antibiotic therapy. Our Division members have particular expertise in respiratory infections, ear infections, prolonged fevers, periodic fever syndromes, Kawasaki disease, and disease acquired from international travel.


Our Division is involved in the clinical investigation of infectious diseases and in basic science research in bacterial and viral immunology.

Additionally, we work closely with the Bacteriology, Virology and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories on the development and application of new diagnostic tests. Current projects focus on immune responses to HIV, Clostridium difficile, staphylococcal infections, extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing gram-negative organisms, and immune responses during Kawasaki disease.

Contact Us:

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
Office: (716) 878-7290
Fax: (716) 888-3804

Outpatient Location:

1001 Main Street
4th Floor
Buffalo, NY 14203