Springtime allergies are just getting started and adults and children alike can be affected.
While the pelvic floor might not be commonly talked about, when concerns and symptoms arise, they can have a major impact on your quality of life.
The largest medical group in WNY, UBMD Physicians' Group is 500+ physicians strong, all working towards advancing the health of our community.
Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease that disrupts the connections between the brain, spinal cord and body.
Conditions of the liver, pancreas and related systems can be hard to identify.

Christina Sanders, DO of UBMD Surgery details how UBMD works with you and supports you before and after weight loss surgery. 

Diana Wilkins, MD provides information on how vaccines work with our bodies and the importance of on-time vaccinations.
UBMD Physicians’ Group has always kept up with the latest advancements in medicine and hosting informational events is just one of the few ways we do it.
UBMD Physicians’ Group is the largest medical group in Western New York, and during the last quarter, we’ve gotten even larger. Nearly 20 new physicians joined the different practices at UBMD in the last few months.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while research continues to find a cure and get rid of the disease for good, the surgical approach to treatment has improved, allowing for better outcomes for patients. Most commonly, breast cancer is treated through two types of surgeries – mastectomy or lumpectomy.