UBMD Emergency Medicine physicians are dedicated to caring for the people of WNY when needed the most.
Through our partnerships at many hospitals in the region, UBMD physicians provide care at some of the regions' most vital programs.
Have you ever wondered if what you were seeing was normal? Sandra Sieminski, MD describes what cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma are, with effects throughout the video that show what the symptoms look like.
There are different types of dementia, each needing its own treatment plan based on the individual.
This time of year brings a lot of opportunity to be outside and enjoy the activities we love, but that can sometimes also come with injuries.
Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias affect over 50 million people worldwide. Early intervention is crucial. The sooner it's diagnosed, the better the disease's progression can be slowed, allowing for more time with an increased quality of life.

Strokes can happen to any one at any age. Know the signs.

Linda Harris, MD talks with WNY Living's host about the vascular diseases and conditions women may experience and how their symptoms differ from men.
Starting in your 20s, lung function begins to decrease. But there are ways to slow the loss and keep your lungs healthy.

Chronic pain affects people of all ages and all backgrounds. Alison Vargovich, PhD discusses how the Division of Behavioral Medicine at UBMD Internal Medicine treats patients with chronic pain.